Jobs In Graphic Design

Look out for these jobs within the world of graphic design with ATS Graphics.

Like any industry, graphic and logo design has a variety of jobs to offer. The world of graphic design covers a wide range of different jobs and occupations. From creative director to marketing and web development to 3D animation and renderings, there are countless positions you can get with a degree in graphic design. 

For numerous years, graphic design has become integral with every business and industry. Through the use of vibrant and colorful images, companies are able to develop a distinct brand and style that will help them stand out from their competitors. And this is only possible with the help of a talented graphic designer. Here are a few jobs you should look into if you’re trying to break into the world of graphic design. 

Graphic Designer 

The most obvious choice on our list, a graphic designer plays a vital role in any business as they usually design and develop specific images for their company. Graphic designers are used in a wide range of industries and companies as they are utilized within artistic fields such as literature, editorial, and even technology. When it comes to branding your business and making sure you stick out from your competitors, hiring a talented and creative graphic designer is a perfect first step. 

Creative Director 

At the top of the totem pole is the job of the creative director. As the title suggests, a creative director is in charge of all things creative for a company. This can be anything from designing and developing graphics and images to managing other graphic designers and content creators. While any business can have a creative director, this occupation is usually found in creative industries such as film, magazines, video games, and even animation. This job usually requires some college credentials as well as several years of experience in a similar role. 

Marketing Specialist 

Most people don’t think of marketing when they think of graphic design. However, graphic design and marketing go hand-in-hand as logos and images are a vital component of a company’s marketing strategy. Marketing specialists have a wide range of roles. Some days they will be leading the charge on specific marketing campaigns and strategy, where some days, they might be in charge of collecting and analyzing data based on a company’s consumer base. While graphic design is not a part of everything a marketing specialist does, it still plays an essential role within the job. 


Another obvious pick on our list, 3D animators is another prominent and popular job within the world of graphic design. And this job is not just restricted to designing and developing cartoons and animated movies. An animator’s job can be used within a variety of industries, such as web development, film, and even video games. Most workers that go into graphic design end up in an animator role sometime within their career.