Top Places To Use Your Logo Design

Discover where's the best place to put your logo design!

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a business. Logos have the power to expand your brand awareness while also making your business stand out from all the rest. Logos gives your business distinction and personality. Think about the golden arches of McDonald’s or the colorful rainbow peacock of NBC. These logos have so much power because we automatically know who they belong to when we see them. But where should you place your logo for all to see? 

There is a variety of ways to get your logo out to the public. Your company’s logo should be symbiotic with your entire business, from business cards to your website. Choosing the right outlets to present your logo on is vital to your company’s brand awareness. Consistently using your logo to expand your brand awareness will set you and your business apart from the competitors while also attracting new users and customers. Here are the best outlets to use your logo for. 

Your Company Site 

This may seem like an obvious choice, but your company’s website is the best place to put your logo. This not only optimizes your website but makes your company’s brand one and the same with your logo. Websites are designed and made to attract new users and customers to your business. So it stands to reason that your logo should be one of the first things they see on your website. A well-placed logo will not only improve your brand awareness, but it will also enhance the look and feel of your company’s website. 

Business Cards 

Every company has business cards. It’s practically a rite of passage when you offer your business card to prospective clients or customers. These cards are how we put ourselves out there to connect with newer customers. They have all our information on them: full name, phone number, address, etc. So, of course, you would want to put your company’s logo on your business card. It’s important not to overdo the logo on your business cards. Simply tucking it in one of the corners of the card is more than enough. 

Company Apparel And Merchandise

Everyone loves free stuff. And there’s no better way to raise your brand awareness than with free stuff to give to prospective clients and customers. When you make company apparel like t-shirts or merchandise like cups and key rings, it’s essential to make sure that your logo is on any of these items. Free merchandise usually gets passed around from person to person, so it’s important to have both your businesses’ name and logo on them to start a conversation about who you are and what you do.