Top 10 Custom Logo Giveaways For Your Virtual Conference

Promo Items Are Great For YourVirtual Conference

With most if not all trade shows and conferences going virtual this year, it’s important to keep your audience engaged. It can be easy for folks to lose interest or motivation for these events when they’re hosted fully online, but one of the biggest ways to re-engage those people is by sending them some swag! That’s why we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Custom Logo Giveaways for your virtual conference. 

1. Branded Masks

If ever there was a time to showcase your brand using a face mask, that time is now! Masks are required almost everywhere you go, so why not utilize that face real estate to showcase your brand? It’s the perfect opportunity to brag and boast about your company using your stellar branding while also complying with CDC guidelines. 

2. Personalized T-Shirts

An oldie but a goodie, personalized t-shirts are the most common form of promotional swag item, and for good reason. Very few people are going to pass up a free t-shirt, so take advantage of that. Allow people to act as your personal billboards for the price of t-shirt production. 

3. Custom Water Bottles & Mugs

This is another custom giveaway that virtual attendees will surely use. Personalized tumbler cups, coffee mugs, and water bottles are the solution for staying hydrated (or caffeinated) all day long. And, as people walk around using their custom drinkware your brand awareness grows in the process. 

4. Personalized Phone Wallets & PopSockets

Phone accessories are one of the biggest promotional items available at the moment. Think about it, how many times do you look at your phone a day? If your priority is to make the most impressions possible on your prospective clients, customers, or colleagues, a PopSocket or phone wallet with your company logo is a great way to get some exposure. 

5. Branded Snacks & Treats

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and we couldn’t agree more. I mean really, who doesn’t like receiving free food? With proper execution, this promo item is almost guaranteed to leave a good taste in peoples’ mouths! 

6. Custom Audio Devices

While these may be more of a premium promotional product, BlueTooth speakers and headphones that are tagged with your logo are always a hit. This is in part due to the fact that people generally just enjoy free tech and gadgets. However, these can also be especially handy if you’re trying to focus on a virtual conference at your home office. 

7. Personalized Bags

These are pretty much a given, aren’t they? Not only is a good bag always handy, but these can also act as the perfect vessel for holding all your other promo items. That is kind of the point of a “swag bag” after all. 

8. Custom Koozies

Custom Koozies are one of the greatest promotional items out there because they’re affordable and effective. They’re great for you because it’s so simple to get your logo on there. And, a Koozie can always be an asset in a pinch at the neighborhood barbeque. Plus, let’s face it, no one likes warm soda or beer. 

9. Personalized Notebooks & Pens

Personalized notebooks and pens are perfect for virtual conferences as they work perfectly for taking notes during a lecture or seminar. Adding your logo to a custom notebook and writing utensil ensures that you will leave a noteworthy impression on your target audience! 

10. Branded Portable Chargers

Lastly, if you’re looking for an item that can really be useful, portable chargers are a great option. With the rate that people use their phones and other devices these days, it’s no wonder why those devices are always dying. By providing the sweet relief of a charging phone, your customers and attendees will surely be grateful.