Designing The Perfect Logo For Your Business

Discover how to design the perfect logo with ATS Graphics!

In the past, we’ve spoken extensively about the importance of a captivating and engaging logo and how it can benefit your business. These logos have the power to hold our attention and never let us go. It’s why titans of industries such as McDonald’s or NBC are so prevalent within our minds. It’s the golden arches of Mickey D’s and the color peacock of our favorite primetime network that makes us remember how important these companies are to us. 

A logo should be a staple of your company, an image that is exclusive to your business. Think of the half-eaten apple for Apple or the red bullseye for Target. These are such famous logos because of how infamous they are within the business world. But what does it take to make a logo truly stand out? To make it truly great? These are the questions that all graphic designers ask themselves in order to be the best and to leave their mark within their industry. Luckily for you, you don’t have to figure out the answers all on your own. Here is everything you need to know about designing the perfect logo for your business. 

Keep It Simple 

One of the biggest mistakes any graphic designer can make is creating an overly complicated and convoluted design. When it comes to designing a logo for your company, you want to make something that has a strong impact but is not overdone. Think of the Nike check of the half-eaten apple of Apple. These logos instantly remind us of their respected companies, but they are simple and engaging images that don’t take a lot of work to recreate. When it comes to designing your company’s logo, don’t overthink it with over-the-top designs and color schemes. Just make it simple and engaging. 

Set Yourself Apart 

With the number of designs already out there, we know it can be hard to come up with something that is truly original. Your logo must be distinct to your company and your brand, something that can stand on its own away from similar brands. Think about using elements or designs that fall outside of your brand or industry. It’s usually recommended to study your competitors’ logos in order not to copy their looks or styles while also making sure that your design can stand out from all the rest. When it comes to designing the perfect logo, you have to make sure that your design can stand out on its own. 

Design A Logo That’s Adaptable 

Odds are, your logo design will end up in a variety of locations. From billboards to t-shirts and smartphones to television commercials, your logo should be used in every piece of digital marketing your company creates. This is why it’s so crucial that your logo is adaptable and is able to be put on a wide range of surfaces and outlets. A perfect logo is a design that can be engaging and compelling across all platforms, no matter what the outlet may be.