Sublimation: Top 3 T-Shirt Design Trends Of 2020

The one clothing item that never goes out of style is the t-shirt. Whether graphic, plain, oversized, or fitting, t-shirts are worn and loved by people of all ages, and it is easy to see why. It is a versatile clothing item, and it offers customization options.

A peek into the latest reports shows that the custom t-shirt trend had multiplied over the past few years. So much so that the global market for customized t-shirts is predicted to hit surpass 10 billion dollars by the year 2025. 

One of the best ways to customize a t-shirt today is sublimation. It is a remarkable process that skips the dye’s liquefying stage and goes straight into a gas from solid. It uses heat to transfer the print onto plastic, card, paper, and fabric.

Sublimation is popular because it gives out crisp designs that are detailed and clear. Colors are come out as vibrant, and there is little mess or error. 2020 has seen sublimation take over the t-shirt customization industry.

This is because people want their designs to stay on longer, and sublimation does that. It also offers room for more complex and detailed designs. They appear on the shirt down to the last small detail. 

As the second half of the year commences, the t-shirt design trends only seem to be getting more diverse and exciting. So far, 3 practices have caught the attention of both enthusiasts and the general public. 


Abstract Drawings


Abstract drawings are those that do not attempt to represent an accurate description of visual reality. Instead, they use shapes, colors, gestural marks, and forms to achieve this effect. Abstract art makes for compelling and exciting t-shirt designs.

Many abstract t-shirt designs use creative strokes and lines, plus vibrant colors. Among younger people, geometric design is a gateway to expressing emotion and inner feelings. It is one of the reasons why sublimation is used in such designs. Only this type of printing will yield accurate results that are closest in color to the plan. 


Handwritten Typography


Handwritten designs are becoming more popular. Each letterform has a range of moods, so it can be retro, funky, bold, or delicate. Moreover, people incorporate different color effects into the lettering with ombre and rainbow being the most popular. Because of the diversity of the font styles, sublimation is the best printing option. It gives crisp and clear lettering with proper contrast in colors. 




People are moving their and others’ artwork out of social media and onto t-shirts. This is especially prominent among Instagram artists who receive positive feedback on their work. Sublimation printing is affordable, especially when you print in bulk, which is an advantage on top of proper contrast. Fans also get pieces that they like printed on shirts as keepsakes. Parents and relatives are also turning to sublimation to get printed t-shirts of their children’s artwork. Because children’s art is so diverse, sublimation is the best option for this function.