Screen Printing vs. Embroidery: What’s the Difference?

Customization today has never been easier as there are many graphics and printing specialists in the world. The options are almost endless for different fabrics and items. However, when it comes to textiles, there are two main options; embroidery and screen-printing. Both of these solutions produce high-quality work, but they are often confused. It can also be daunting to figure out which of these methods is best for you. Ultimately there is more than a significant difference between the two. 


Screen-printing is a decorative process that involves the use of ink. The ink is squeezed through a screen onto the garment to apply a design. The design is achieved by the use of a stencil. This form of decoration is mostly done on garments such as t-shirts and sweatshirts.

This is because these garments have a smooth texture, which allows a comfortable base for the ink to be applied easily. However, it is also possible for pens, mugs, and large signs.

One of the most significant advantages of scree-printing is that the possibilities are endless. The images also come out sharp and precise. Also, it is more cost-efficient for large and detailed logos for bulk orders. 


Embroidery is a sewing process that stitches a logo or design onto fabric. Embroidered designs are often premade to be stitched on because they sew on best. Polo shirts often have embroidery on them as do hats, uniforms, sports apparel, and jackets.

Embroidery is done of heavier fabrics that can take the stitches. Also, embroidery is only done on materials that last longer as they conserve the integrity of the logo or design. The stitches are done carefully together to create an impression. T-shirts are too thin to properly hold the stitches.

Embroidery leaves crisp and clean details that are beautiful. The thread is coated with a sheen finish to make the logo pop. Embroidered logos are often small as the larger it is, the higher the cost.

The Obvious Differences

The complexity of the image brings out one difference between the two. If you have a photograph or image you would like rendered onto a shirt, then embroidery is not the best option. Screen-printing will give a more accurate rendering of the picture. 

Simple logos that you want to last as long as possible go better with embroidery. It gives the design a classic and timeless look that can stay in place for a lifetime.