It’s Trending: Logo Trends For 2021

Learn how to make a compelling and engaging logo for the new year.

After a frenetic, chaotic, and pandemic-stricken 2020, we can all come together and take a unified sigh of relief that 2021 has finally arrived. But even though we can all relax that 2020 is finally over, it doesn’t change the fact that life continues to go on and that our business presses onward. And behind every great business is an even greater logo. Or should we say in front? 

As we move into this new year with a fresh start, we must come to terms and adapt to what the year has to offer us. And with these terms, we must understand the changes that come with them. Each and every year, a new set of trends is applied to every art form and every service. This year is no different as businesses and organizations grow and develop to keep up with the consumer’s ever-evolving demand. These developments include updating and modifying ones’ logo design. But with most aspects of a flourishing business, there’s some homework one must do before making alterations. Luckily, you have us to do the work for you. Here are a few prominent logo trends for the upcoming year. 

It’s All About How You See It: Simplistic Drawing

In a world full of graphic designers who strive to make their work stand out from all the rest through convoluted and complex designs, it’s easy to forget that some of the best designs are clear and simplistic. These two aspects allow both designers and viewers to fully take in a design without ever getting lost in confusion or bewilderment. 

Over the past few years, more and more designs have focused on minimalistic and flat designs. Think of McDonald’s golden arches or NBC’s rainbow peacock. These designs are so clear and vivid in our heads because of their simplistic and clear nature. 

Not Too Much Now: Divergent Letters 

Everyone loves wacky and flamboyant lettering. There’s something about it that makes us feel like it’s calling out our name to grab our attention. From colorful designs like the Pepsi logo to wildly written logos like Coca-Cola, these graphics have been around since the beginning of graphic design, and they won’t be going anywhere for a long, long time. A specific trend within this style is using divergent letters. While the phrase may not seem unheard of, the process is actually fairly common when it comes to the art of graphic design. 

Divergent lettering is essentially the process of exaggerating a singular letter within the logo. This could be making that letter lower-cased, with the rest of the letters being upper-cased or vice versa. You could also stretch the letter to whatever size you feel looks aesthetically pleasing. It’s important to note that it doesn’t just have to be one letter either. You can play with your design and morph a few letters within your design.

Flawlessly Folded: Symmetrical Designs 

No one likes to revisit their grammar school days, especially their time in math class, but this is an important lesson for graphic designers. Everyone knows that balance is crucial when it comes to design; this is a universal fact. And within the past several years, pristine symmetry within graphic design has become increasingly popular. While sameness may come off as a bit simplistic and derivative, symmetry is primarily about balanced strength. Symmetrical shapes and designs catch the eye and hold its attention for as long as it wants.