Embroidery Trends For 2021

Learn about embroidery trends for 2021!

When it comes to the world of clothing design, embroidery has become an increasingly popular trend over the past several years. Even with its popularity within fashion design just recently skyrocketing, embroidery has been around in one way or the other in every population. This technique has made a lasting impact within the design process, weaving together (yes, pun intended) intricate designs and images into our favorite fashion statements. Over the past several years, embroidery has found itself to be one of the most popular methods within both fashion design and material culture. 

Now, you may be asking yourself what exactly embroidery is. Even if a distinct image doesn’t come to mind by the name, you are already in tune with what embroidery is, even if you don’t realize it. Simply enough, the process of embroidery includes placing a design on a piece of clothing with the use of a needle. While this sounds incredibly simple when put into layman terms, embroidery is so much more than just a needle and some stitches. An assortment of items can be incorporated into your embroidery. These can include but are not limited to beads, jewels, sequins, and even pearls. The sky is the limit when you use embroidery to elevate your initial design into something extraordinary. And like any other technique, the process of embroidery continues to change and develop continually. Here are a few prominent embroidery trends for the upcoming year. 

Designing And Depicting Nature 

Everyone likes a good design of the great outdoors. There’s just something peaceful about it, something that puts our minds at ease and helps us breathe a little bit better. These could range from the landscape piece hanging up in the waiting room of your doctor’s office or even the portrait of Lake Altoona that your artistically-inclined younger sister drew. No matter what the canvas is or the art form that’s depicting it, everyone is a complete sucker for a breathtaking design of nature. This same principle is also used within the world of embroidery, and it is not going away anytime soon. Floral patterns or images of majestic animals such as horses and dogs have become increasingly popular when used for embroidery designs, thus giving your design a more naturalistic and surreal look. Even if designs of flowers or animals are not your cup of tea, you can still be inspired by the luscious greens of nature and the vibrant colors of the world around us for your embroidery designs. 

Customization Of One’s Designs 

Everyone likes complete creative control when it comes to their art. From the final cut of video production to the final design of a building or structure for an architecture firm, every artist thrives off complete and utter creative freedom. This is why our next embroidery trend for 2021 is full customization of your own design. This trend allows you to go crazy with your design and to do whatever you want with it. From oversaturated vibrant colors to more subdued tints, the options are essentially endless when it comes to creating your own design.