Catching The Eye

High angle view of young female graphic designer working on graphic tablet and computer at desk in office.

Whether it’s the colorful peacock of NBC or the golden arches of McDonald’s, we all have a favorite logo that pops out whenever we see it. These images make such an impact on us because they’re vivid, vibrant, something that captivates and mesmerizes us. We’ve come to associate these logos with their company and brand that we don’t even need to hear the company’s name to know what it is. 


It doesn’t matter what your company is. It could be as small as a corner shop bar or as big as a retail conglomerate that’s taking on the world; as long as you have a logo that captures the eye, your business will succeed. But why is this the case? Why are logos so important when it comes to branding one’s company or organization? It’s okay if you don’t know the answer; that’s why we’re here.  


A Logo That Grabs Attention 

Have you ever seen anyone so beautiful that you had to take not just a double-take, but a triple take? If you answer no, then you’re lying. And if you answered yes, then congrats on telling the truth. This fundamental principle doesn’t just apply to human attraction; it can also be used to the look of a logo or any other artform. Whenever we see a symbol that strikes us, we’re already hooked on what it’s offering. 


This is what makes having a compelling and robust logo such an integral aspect of your marketing strategy. When someone associates your brand with an image they find appealing, they’re more than likely willing to partake or purchase whatever product or service your business provides. 


A Logo That Leaves An Impression 

We all know that a first impression can make or break a person. If you end up leaving a good one, odds are you’ll make it far. If you end up going a bad one, well, good luck anyway. This fundamental principle also applies to the world of marketing, especially when it comes to designing your businesses’ logo. 


Whenever it comes to selling or marketing your brand, it’s essential to make a lasting impression, especially if it’s the first impression. Think of it like a first date. You wouldn’t go on another date with someone who talked with food in their mouth and whose hair was greasy, would you? No, of course not. You would go on a second date with someone who was polite and elegant, someone who wowed you from the beginning. 


A Logo You’ll Never Forget 

There are a variety of things no one will ever forget. Their first kiss. The first time behind the wheel of a car. The first dance with the love of your life. When a moment is everlasting, it’s etched into your mind forever, never to be replaced by anything remotely as unique and meaningful. This can be the same with certain logos. As we said before, logos have last forever, not in design, but in our minds.