ATS Graphics Variety Of Services

Learn more about the many services of ATS Graphics such as screen printing.

A business is only as strong as the services they provide. So it should only make sense that it is these services that draw in your businesses’ consumer base. And when it comes to the world of fashion and graphic design, this is no different. A well-renowned graphic design business, ATS Graphics provides a wide range of services for our consumer base. From screen printing to embroidery and graphic design to sublimation, ATS Graphics has everything you need when it comes to fulfilling all of your clothing needs. 

ATS Graphics prides itself on delivering high-quality services with excellent customer service. We make it our mission to not only meet our customer’s needs and expectations but to exceed them. With an extensive and impressive portfolio, it should come as no surprise that we are a number one choice within the greater metro Atlanta area. But don’t just take our word for it; take a look for yourself. Here are a few of the services that ATS Graphics has to offer. 

Screen Printing 

Screen printing may be a new term for some of you, but when it comes to graphic design, it’s a very common practice. Screen printing is essentially the technique of using a mesh to transfer ink onto a substrate. This form of design was made popular by the likes of Andy Warhol and Corita Kent. ATS Graphics prides itself on offering this popular form of design to our extensive consumer base, ensuring that their designs and products are made with extreme care and patience. 


Now, you may be asking yourself what exactly embroidery is. Even if a distinct image doesn’t come to mind by the name, you are already in tune with what embroidery is, even if you don’t realize it. Simply enough, the process of embroidery includes placing a design on a piece of clothing with the use of a needle. An assortment of items can be incorporated into your embroidery. This wide range of power allows you to create any type of logo or design you can imagine. ATS Graphics prides itself on providing in-house services that ensure your custom logo will look incredible on any service. 

Sublimation Printing 

The newest service that ATS Graphics provides, sublimation printing has become increasingly popular over the last several years. A chemical process, sublimation printing is where a solid turns into a gas immediately. Sublimation printing directly revolves around the dye of a design. This is why sublimation printing may also be referred to as dye-sublimation. It is also a popular method of transferring images onto garments and clothing that are entirely polyester. Sublimation printing is primarily used when it comes to wanting an image or design that won’t quickly fade when you throw your garments or clothes into the washing machine. ATS Graphics has a proven track record of providing sublimation printing that ensures our consumer base’s clothes and garments will never begin to fade, crack, or even peel away. This is what makes ATS Graphics stand out from all the rest.