2021 T-Shirt Printing Trends

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Animal Portraits

Almost as soon as the internet became popular pets were broadcast across the wide world web. People are celebrating their pets (and animals in general) with graphic tees designed with animal portraits. Cool animals never go out of style and designing a shirt with an eye-catching animal portrait is a surefire way to be on-trend in the coming year.

Printing an animal portrait on your t-shirt is a great way to promote charitable causes or raise money for an animal rescue fund. 2021 will be a big year for activism and speaking out for what you believe in, so what better way to do it than with custom-designed apparel. With all of the drama of 2020, one thing that everyone seems to agree on is much they love their furry friends. Animal influencers on social media continue to rise in popularity and celebrities have been known to flaunt their famous pet around on their apparel or merchandise! You can’t go wrong with a great animal portrait.


Typography is one of those trends that never really goes out of style. There’s a reason why many large fashion brands always stock the classic “plain white tee” with black letters in a classic font. Typography can be easily customized to fit your organization’s brand. The message can be funny, relatable, serious, or even political.

Being authentic with your brand is continuing to be a trend. Consumers want to get a feel for what matters to businesses and organizations. One way to let your personality shine through is with custom fonts. Additionally, we’ll see a return to the 60s and 70s. So pick fonts with a retro feel. If you’re feeling extra creative you can also choose a 60s or 70s themed color palette for your apparel as well.


One trend you have probably seen in graphic design, off-register design, will be popular in apparel in 2021. Off-register designs give a look of coloring outside the lines. This style has roots in ‘60’s pop art. This design tends to be unique and feel authentic, almost like it was hand-drawn, sometimes it can be!

Off-register design can be very eye-catching and it will allow people to take a moment and admire your design and t-shirt text.

Leisure and Safety

As a result of the pandemic, many people were rocking their comfiest clothes. As the effects of the coronavirus and the ripples of that through industry continue, people will continue to demand comfy leisurewear. For a branding and promotional opportunity, being able to customize your own set of leisurewear and apparel is a great way to trend hack.

Masks rose to popularity in the fashion scene because of their necessity. But as we adjust to the new normal it’s a functional way for people to express themselves and protect themselves. Many brands and retailers are providing consumers with face masks to promote their brand in a safe and comfortable way. It’s also important to remember to make your fabric washable so people will get longevity out of the mask.